How to earn money online using Twitter?

Apart from entertainment, and political gossip, we can also use Twitter to help grow our business or earn money.

Are you intrigued? Do you want to know how it’s done? Well, this is what we are going to throw some light on in this article. Read on!

Table of Contents
  • Setup your Twitter account
  • Grow your Twitter followers
  • How to monetize Twitter account?

Setup your Twitter account

Setup an account with your name and decide which field you are interested in, i.e. what will be your niche (i.e. subject area). Your niche maybe educational, say Maths, Geography, Digital Marketing, or you may be interested in story-writing, politics, current affairs, or pet-care etc.

Choose a niche that you have some expertise in and in which you have a lot of interest.

A Twitter account may not only help you grow your business, but it may even (in the long run) help you build up a business from scratch. There are many people who started from just a Twitter account, and now are running their own companies.

Grow your Twitter followers

Before you even think of earning any decent amount of money from Twitter, you must grow your Twitter handle first. Think about monetization only later. So, what are the techniques and tricks that we can use to increase the number of our followers on Twitter?

Here is a list of the things that you can do to grow your Twitter handle organically:

  • Tweet on latest topics related to your niche/field - Twitter is a bit different from other social media accounts, as many governments/officials/companies use it as their social media mouthpiece. So, many people follow Twitter to get the latest news. Be vigilant and active regarding any news from your field and tweet on that. There’s also a chance that one of your tweets may go viral, and give a solid boost to your followers count.

  • Use hashtag feature - Make use to the hashtag feature on Twitter. You may create your own hashtag, or tweet on the hashtags that are trending. It is always a good idea to include the hashtag of your account or your brand in the tweets you send out.

Twitter categorizes the various Twitter handles on the basis of the number of followers they have.

  • Category A - If you have more than 5 lakh followers.
  • Category B - If you have more than 1 lakh, but less than 5 lakh followers.
  • Category C - If you have more than 50 thousand, but less than 1 lakh followers.
  • Category D - If you have more than 20 thousand, but less than 50 thousand followers.
  • Category E - If you have less than 20 thousand followers.

Never try to use short-cut methods to increase your followers. You may get banned or you won’t be able to earn money from your Twitter account. Grow organically!

How to monetize Twitter account?

Hmmm, finally! The big question - How to convert Twitter following into hard cash?

Once you cross the 20 thousand mark in the number of followers you have, a lot of avenues open up to earn money via Twitter. So, if you are still in category E, wait a bit more and just focus on growing your handle.

However, if you have graduated from category E and have moved up, then congratulations! Here’s how you may go about earning money from Twitter.

App referral

If you are a big Twitter handle, then many app and website creators will approach you to publicize their online assets or share the link of their app.

You will be paid some money for any app installation that is done via the link shared by you on your account.


Some businesses and even other Twitter account holders (or even content creators from other social media platforms) may contact you to promote their business/account/channel/page.

The amount of money you can charge may vary depending on your niche and the number of followers you have. For example, if you are in a technical niche, say website hosting, digital marketing etc., then you will be paid really well.

But on an average, you may expect to earn the following from a company providing you the sponsorship:

  • Category D - 10 to 20 thousand on an average.
  • Category C - 20 to 30 thousand on an average.
  • Category B - 30 to 50 thousand on an average.
  • Category A - 50 thousand to even 1 lakh on an average (just for one tweet!!).

If you are living in a metro area, then you may also be approached by some ad agencies.

There are also many social media advertising platforms, e.g. MyLikes. You may explore this option too.

It’s a platform where you may register and you will get paid for the tweets you shoot out.


As in 2021, to be able to earn money via this method, you must have at least a couple of months old Twitter account and should have done at least 100 tweets.

There are various websites that create short links for any online resource. For example, you may create a short link for a website, some online video etc. Then you can share that short link on your Twitter handle.

If someone clicks on your short link, then they will be taken to the respective online resource. However, before that they will be shown some ad. A part of that ad revenue will be given to you.

There are various short link or URL shortener websites available online, e.g. Bitly

Affiliate Marketing

You may join an affiliate marketing network and share your affiliate links on your Twitter account. If anyone makes a purchase using your affiliate link, you will be paid a certain percentage of commission.

Promote your own Business

You may also promote your own brand via your Twitter handle. You may do self-marketing, create awareness of your brand, or sell products and services on Twitter.


As Twitter has massive political undertones, and many nations have banned Twitter on various occasions, it will not be a good idea to rely heavily on Twitter for your online income. If Twitter gets banned in your country, you will be doomed.

This is somewhat true for all social media platforms, e.g. even TikTok, Facebook etc. So, do diversify your online assets. Reliance on only one is a recipe for disaster.

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