How to earn money from Facebook?

We all use social media platforms nowadays to connect with our friends and family, or to scroll through interesting newsfeeds. However, in this digital age you may also use these social media platforms to earn money and even fame.

In this article we will be concentrating on Facebook, a social media platform almost all of us are acquainted with.

We will learn how to increase your followers on Facebook, various methods you may employ to earn money on Facebook, and various tricks to earn money even if you have low number of followers. Facebook does allow you to monetize some parts of your page, e.g. videos, just as YouTube does. But we may apply some creative ways to earn money too.

Table of Contents
  • Setup your Facebook page or group
  • How to grow Facebook page?
  • Different ways to monetize Facebook page

Setup your Facebook page or group

Yes, in order to make money from Facebook, you will need to setup either a Facebook page or Facebook group. You cannot do it using just your personal account. You can make multiple pages in your Facebook account.

Decide the Niche

You should decide what topic and audience you aim to cater too, e.g. whether you want to make a Facebook page or group on the topic of digital marketing, or education, or philosophy/motivation etc. Choose an area wherein you have experience, expertise and interest.


Choose the language of your content. Preferably you should create content only in one language on any given Facebook page. If you want to cater to audience of some other language, then it would be better to create a separate page for that purpose. Posting content in multiple languages on the same page may irritate some people who are not comfortable with all those languages.

Content Type and Frequency

You can create content in various forms, such as simple text, image, video etc. What type of content you should make will depend on your niche and the amount of time you are ready to invest in Facebook. If your niche is cooking then you should either write the recipe or even better upload a video of you making a dish. Just images may not work in this niche. But if you are into quotes and poems, then you can use images with some text on them.

Making a video takes much more time than just writing some text or uploading an image. Moreover, any content on social media sites has a very limited time-span. So, you will have to constantly upload content. What I do in most of my Facebook pages is that, I just share links of any article that I write on my blog and upload any video that I have created for YouTube. Apart from that I make sure that I upload at least one image per day. I dedicate one day of the month for it, wherein I create all my images and then I schedule them to go live one day at a time on Facebook.

You can have a look at the pages of your competitors in your niche to get an idea of the content that they are uploading and their frequency, i.e. how many posts they upload in a day on an average.

Schedule the Content

In Facebook you can upload a lot of content in one go. Then you can schedule that to go live on any given time of any given day. Use this feature. It will save a lot of your time. Uploading everyday needs a lot of discipline. That’s something I can’t do. So, I just upload content for the whole month in one day.

Timing of posts

It is also essential that you do some research on what time of the day you should make your posts live. The optimum time will vary from niche to niche. Post some content at 9 AM, another at 2 PM, another at 6 PM etc. Then see which post of yours gets the maximum reach (i.e. views and likes). It will give you an idea regarding the best time of posting.


Remember that the optimum time of posting may vary on weekends, as compared to weekdays. On weekdays (i.e. Monday to Friday) I have seen that my posts get the best response if I post them after 7 PM, probably because most people get free from colleges and offices by that time and check their social media accounts.

How to grow Facebook page?

Setting up a basic Facebook page is only the first step. It’s like you have inaugurated your shop. Now what?

Now, the real game begins. You will have to be a creative content creator and a smart social media manager. Then only your page will attract eyeballs and grow.

Content is King

As always, the growth and success of your page will depend on the quantity and quality of your content, whether it’s in picture format or videos. Provide your audience content that is useful, or something that they will like. That’s why it’s very essential that you have expertise and interest in your niche.

You may post same images on Facebook and Instagram. You may post your YouTube videos on Facebook too. It’s your content. You may post it on multiple platforms and increase its reach. It will also help you save your time.

Collaborations with similar pages

You may collaborate with other content creators on Facebook, preferably from your own niche and promote each other’s page and posts. For example, if you have a page catering to pet care, then you may collaborate with some other guy that has a page on dog food.

Post Comments

Search for pages on your niche and post comments on them. Engage with the people that visit those pages. Try to solve their queries and problems. Chances are that some of them will definitely check out your page too.

Create Viral content

Apart from your regular content, try to create some creative content once in a while, e.g. some meme, some animation etc. Though no one can guarantee that it will go viral, but you should try. Even if one of your post goes viral, it will provide tremendous boost to your page. But keep in mind that it should be somehow related to your niche, otherwise it will not serve the purpose. If you are in health niche then there’s no use posting content on politics, defence etc.

You should also keep an eye on the trending topics. If any topic related to your niche is in the news, do try to make some content on it. For example, if your page is based on various mobiles and their technologies, then do create some content on 5G or 6G, the controversy regarding their health impacts etc.

Run Facebook Ads

You may promote any post of yours or even the entire page using Facebook ads (just as we do in case of Google AdWords). Basically, you will pay some money to Facebook and in return your page or post will be recommended to more people by Facebook, essentially enhancing its reach which will lead to more views and likes.

Q and A sessions

Post some interactive content on your page that encourages viewers to answer and comment. For example, if you have a blog on some educational topic then you may post some questions and then ask the viewers to answer it.

Different ways to monetize Facebook page

If you think you have attracted a healthy online following, you may then think about the next step - how to convert the online community that you have created into an asset, how to make money out of it.

Facebook Watch

Just like in YouTube, you may upload videos on Facebook using their Facebook Watch feature. Facebook will show ads on your videos and you will get paid for it.

You may earn money through it if you satisfy some of their requirements, such as the number of followers on your page, the video length, the number of views in last two months etc.


To monetize your Facebook page you need at least 10 thousand followers as of now in 2021.

Sell your own products and services

You may promote your own product or service on your Facebook page. The more the number of followers, the more the chances that some people will eventually buy your product. In general, you may expect 2-3% conversion ratio, i.e. for every 100 people visiting your page, around 2 to 3 will end up buying your product.

You may sell e-books, online courses, etc. This is one of the best methods to earn money online. And it’s completely passive! You need not do anything once you have created your product, except some marketing maybe.


Apart from getting organic visitors, you may also run Facebook ads and boost any post of yours to improve the reach of your post or generate leads. You will have to pay Facebook some money for this purpose. But before you do so, it will be better if you learn how to create and run Facebook ads and campaigns, so as to get the worth of your money.

If you do not have any product as of now, you may sell others' products and services. You will get some commission (say 10% to 30%) for every product that is purchased via your affiliate link.

Apart from Amazon Affiliates, there are many other commission networks out there. Just google the networks that provide affiliate marketing options in your niche. You may also approach any company/website directly if they offer affiliate marketing partner program.

Get ads from businesses / Sponsorships

You may be contacted by companies of your niche, or you may approach them yourself. You will be paid for running their ads, e.g. posting sponsored posts, images or videos.

Promote fellow Facebook pages

Some fellow Facebook content creators may approach you to promote their page. So, you may collaborate with them and earn money, or you may ask them to promote your page in return.

You may also link your YouTube channel, WhatsApp account, Instagram account etc. with your Facebook page. This will help you redirect your Facebook traffic to your other online assets and hence help you earn more money.

Sell your Facebook page/group

Yes, some people make Facebook pages and groups just to sell them later on. If you are good at online marketing and developing a good audience base quickly, you may create Facebook pages on multiple niches and then sell some of them. If you have a Facebook page with a lot of audience, then you may redirect some of that traffic to other pages of yours and help them grow too.

The amount you get will depend on the niche you are in, the number of followers you have and the engagement of the visitors on your page or group.

Job opportunities and Entrepreneurship

You may also get a job as Facebook ads manager or social media manager/Facebook page manager, if you are good in creating organic audience base and/or in running Facebook ads. As a manager of Facebook page, you may have to reply to comments, create and promote posts, handle call-to-action buttons, e.g. attend to calls, live chats etc. You must know what type of posts will get more reach or what kind of ads will generate more leads. Such job may be full time or part time, office based or work-from-home type.

After you gain some experience, you may even launch your own digital marketing agency catering to clients interested in Facebook. Some people will even pay you to create and grow their Facebook page to a certain number of followers organically. You will find many such tasks on sites like etc. People can pay you $5 to $200 to create a Facebook page for them and give it some initial growth boost. It’s something you should definitely look at, if you are really serious about earning money through Facebook. Creating a good Facebook page involves a lot of factors, such as logo, banner, professional descriptions, SEO etc. Yes, you have to do Facebook SEO too, so that your page ranks well. Something to keep in mind.

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