How to earn money online using Ysense?

In this article, we are going to explore how we can earn money right from our home using a website named Ysense. Here you may earn by completing various online work gigs and also via affiliate marketing.

We may earn from around $20 to $500 per month from this website if we use it for gig work. That too by just working for around an hour per day. Though we may earn much more via its affiliate marketing.

How can Ysense help us earn money online?

Ysense is an online work gig website, wherein you may complete some simple tasks online and get paid for it. Some of the tasks you will find on this website are listed below:

  • Paid Surveys: This is the most common work you will find on this site. Though many surveys are available only for citizens of Tier I countries, and not for Indians.
  • Watch Videos
  • Download Apps
  • Try new products and services
  • Sign up for Websites

While filling their surveys and answering their questions, try to be honest. They may ask you many cross-questions at various stages (even across different surveys) to catch if you have been lying or bluffing just to earn income from them. They may block you in such a case. So, do not fill out the answers randomly.

This applies to other tasks too. Complete any task with honesty and ethically. You may earn a lot from this site in the long run.

You may also earn by referring this site to your friends, family and followers. So, this site also allows you to earn affiliate income. You will get both:

  • Signup Commission – If someone makes an account on this website using your referral link.

  • Activity Commission – Some commission for the work the referred people complete on this website. They will get the full amount for their work. You will just get some extra commission. That is, their money won’t be deducted to pay your commissions. So, it’s a win-win situation.

So, it’s not a one-time commission, but rather a recurring affiliate commission model. Though you will get an activity commission only if they complete some tasks on the website; you won’t get any commission in lieu of their affiliate marketing earnings. So, it’s not a pyramid affiliate marketing scheme.

There are various good online gig websites out there. But only a few such websites have an affiliate program as good as Ysense. Do explore this too once you start working on this website. As this site is pretty credible with good reviews, you may safely suggest it to everyone.


To make an account on Ysense, you will need to verify your email. To withdraw money you may link it to your PayPal account or Payoneer account.


We believe in ethical work and business practices. Many people involved in ads, marketing and sales often push substandard services and products just to make profit. We strictly discourage such a business behaviour. So, we try to ensure that the services or products we are recommending for our readers are top notch.

However, as they are third-party products/services, we cannot control their quality or services in any way. These things may also change with time, maybe because of the change in management/ownership or their vision.

If you find that any website/service/product recommended by us on this website is sub-standard or is involved in unethical practices, kindly do bring it to our notice. You may mail us or just comment in the comment section below.

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So, read every article, and review with a pinch of salt. Listen to everyone to gather general information, but do what your mind and heart tell you to do.

Sometimes, you just cannot know about a service/product until and unless you use it. So, if you see that you may try out something for free for some time, do make use of that opportunity. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and do some in-depth research.

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